Young Eagles Rally 9-May, Columbia Airport

Young Eagles is an important focal point for EAA and our local Chapter 1337.  We are an important link in creating a spark of interest to keep aviation alive as a hobby, occupation and business in the next generation.   Volunteers, weather and Young Eagles made for a brilliant Young Eagles Rally at Columbia Airport (O22) on Saturday 9-May 2015.
  • The simulator and static display were a big hit, thanks to Joel Avery & Adrian Favareille.
  • The ramp ran without a hitch, thanks to Ed Gregory, Mike Lella & Leon Leibster, who also doubled as our photographer.
  • Ground operations and all the accompanying paper work ran smoothly, thanks to Janet Gregory, Dennis Smith, Jim “JT” Thomas, John Williams & of course Ed Sunday, who coordinates EVERYTHING.
  • Special thanks to pilots who not only donated their time but their aircraft and fuel.  Hopefully the smiles and excitement made for a great payback.  Thanks to Dave Berger, Wayne Handley, Jeff Kerns, Dale Mueller, Erik Segerstrom, Diana Sunday & Greg Triplett.
We flew 49 Young Eagle flights!  45 kids, 1 repeat, 2 parents and 1 reporter from the Union Democrat.  We appreciation for the great job everyone did.  There were smiles all around, parents and kids were very appreciative.