EAA Chapter 1337 Purpose

Promote, encourage, and facilitate an atmosphere where all are welcome to join-in and  become a part of recreational aviation.

Promote, encourage, and foster an environment that celebrates and nurtures the  participation of families and the spirit of volunteerism within the world of recreational aviation.

Promote, encourage, and facilitate an environment that fosters safety and high standards in the design, construction, restoration, and operation of all types of recreational aircraft.

Promote, encourage, and facilitate recreational aviation activities that provide educational opportunities.

Promote a positive, productive, and cooperative relationship between the Chapter and those governmental agencies and private enterprises that provide aviation services and facilities to the benefit of members of the Chapter.

Promote, encourage, and facilitate membership in the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association Incorporated).

Support and promote the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) through programs and services within the Chapter family.

Have fun!

EAA Chapter Members

EAA Chapter members are a diverse group of people because they have different backgrounds and their interest in aviation varies widely. Some of those interests include:

  • Aircraft building and ownership
  • Flying of all types
  • Helping to organize functions such as poker runs, aviation seminars, Young Eagles Rallies, etc.
  • Reaching out to the communities youth to promote aviation
  • Aviation collecting, education, careers, business ventures, etc