Northern Yosemite – EAA Chapter 1337

The Northern Yosemite Chapter of the EAA serves the airports of Columbia (O22) and Pine Mountan Lake (E45).

The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) is dedicated to making flying more fun for everyone involved. Our chapter reaches out to people of all ages, beginning with the youth ages 8 through 17 years, whom we call Young Eagles, through adults of all ages. The EAA offers something for everyone from building aircraft to flying. Chapter activities include: BBQ/potlucks, builder clinics, safety seminars, tours, poker runs (fund raisers), and Young Eagle rallies

Young Eagles

Ever wonder what it might feel like to lift off the ground in a small plane? Ever wonder what it would feel like to be as high in the sky as a bird? The EAA has a Youth Program for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 17 called Young Eagles. This program introduces young people just like you to many aspects of aviation including becoming a pilot, actually working on aircraft or even building your own airplane. That’s right, building your own airplane! The first step is to attend our next Young Eagles Rally or Chapter event. Everyone is welcome!


If you were to think about homebuilt aircraft, you might think of people such as Orville and Wilbur Wright who are probably the most recognized builders of an airplane. Today, many thousands of homebuilt aircraft fly throughout the world and many thousands continue to be designed and built. All Chapters throughout the EAA organization share this excitement.