2016 EAA Chapter 1337 Board of Directors

EAA’s Northern Yosemite Chapter 1337 is proud to announce the election of the 2016 Board.  The Board is enthusiastic to continue it’s mission to promote aviation at O22 Columbia Airport and E45 Pine Mountain Lake Airport.

  • Ed Gregory, President (returning)
  • Greg Triplett, Vice President (returning)
  • Mike Gustafson, Secretary (returning)
  • Allen Craig, Treasurer (returning)
  • Wayne Handley, Class II Director (returning)
  • Dennis Smith, Class II Director (returning)
  • Ed Sunday, Class II Director (Young Eagle Coordinator, returning)
  • Jim Thomas, Safety Council
  • Dick Collier, Technical Council

Congratulations to our new Board.  If you have ideas, topics or suggestions please feel free to contact, Ed Gregory at jagegg@nullsbcglobal.net or 209-962-5061